Checklist for Tax Appointment

Date:_________________ Appointment Time:_________________
Note: you may or may not need to check all of these.


One for each job worked at.

Miscellaneous Income

Gambling Winnings on Form W2-G. Profit and Loss/statement for Business Income, Rental Income and Farm Income.

Form 1099-INT and Form 1099-DIV

These forms are issued for each account that pays you interest or dividends. This includes banks, brokerage firms, and even tax-exempt interest (which must be listed even though not taxable).

Other 1099's

Real estate sales are listed on Form 1099-S. Stock sales are listed on Form 1099-B. Foreclosures are listed on Form 1099-A. 1099-C, Cancellation of Debt. Social Security is listed on Form 1099-SSA. Unemployment, state tax refunds, and gambling winnings also are reported on Forms 1099. Health Savings Account on 1099-SA. 1099-R (Pension, 401k, Traditional and Roth, IRA contributions).

Form 1098

This form reports interest you paid on your mortgage. Commercial lenders must use this form. Private lenders do not. If you have a private lender, you will need your payment book or a statement from your lender. Also this form reports your Student Loan Interest Paid and Tuition.

Tax Payments

Estimated Tax Payments, look up the actual date paid and amount for each quarter (Form 1040-ES). The January 2012 payment is for your 2011 income tax, and the January 2010 payment went on your 2009 return. Other Miscellaneous taxes paid are Foreign Taxes, Personal Property Tax- includes Vehicle Registration fees, and Sales Tax-best for big ticket items like a boat, car, home, renovation.

Family Costs

Child and dependent care costs - includes day care, nursery school, day camps (care provider’s name, address, tax ID or Social Security number and amount paid). Adoption expenses – Social Security number of child, any legal, medical and travel expenses.


Medical and dental expenses – includes treatment, doctor visits, drugs (receipts for all medical expenses). Medical Insurance premiums. Health Savings Account contributions.


Cash donations (receipt from the charity). Item donations – clothes, cars, household items (receipt from the charity and/or Form 8283).

Partnership Forms K-1

These forms usually arrive late in the tax season. We want to see you well before they arrive so that we can have everything ready to go. All you need to do is drop off, fax, or mail the K-1.

Purchase or Refinance Paperwork

If you buy a home or refinance one, we need the settlement, or escrow, statement. If you are not sure which one that is, bring the entire packet. If you sold property, we need the sale and original purchase information.

Business Purchases

If you purchased new equipment or vehicle[s] for your job or business, bring the contracts or receipts.

Stock Sales

If you sold stock during the year, we need the original cost! Please be sure you have the "buy" slip for each stock sold. If it is a mutual fund, we need the year end statement for each year of ownership (unless the company sends you a breakdown of the average cost per share).


You must have some kind of a log. For 2012 there are two different rates for deducting business miles. Therefore your mileage (total miles driven and business miles included in that total) must be recorded in two separate time periods: January 1-March 31 and April 1-December 31. If your car is on lease we need a full listing of expenses; including gas, oil, insurance, lease payments, license, repairs, as well as a list of personal and business miles.

Sale of a House

Bring in the closing Escrow statement for the purchase and the sale of the house, and an itemized list of any capital improvements on the home.